+Supplementary Document on Custom Recoveries for PAN KitKat Devices (English)

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I. Purpose of this document


To install GomdoLight (or sometimes, stock firmware) you will need a custom recovery. There are many custom recoveries for Pantech VEGA devices but only some of them are compatible with GomdoLight. This document provides the list of custom recoveries that are proven to be compatible with GomdoLight and the links to download them.

II. Custom recovery packages for supported devices



tekcafe TWRP recovery & / PC-based script installer

  • This package includes a dedicated, script-based installer for your convenience.
  • The installer uses TWRP by default. However if it does not work for your device, try dragging TWRP image (included in the package) onto the installer to force it to use that version instead.

III. Caution


Installing an image for a different device, no matter how similar, usually does not work and may damage the device beyond repair.

Advanced System Enhancement Pack