+Supplementary Document on Root Tools and Custom Recoveries for LGE KitKat Devices (English)

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I. Purpose and applicability


This document introduces several tools that can be used to root your device, and install a custom recovery environment.

Please note that this document is useful only when your device…

  • …is manufactured by LGE,
  • …is running the stock KitKat firmware, and,
  • …is not a Sideloader-supported device (G, G2, GK, Gpro, Gx).


PLEASE NOTE: While the author has made every effort to provide the most accurate information on root and custom recoveries, the author does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein, shall have no liability whatsoever for ANY damages or loss, and, does not provide any assistance regarding usage of the tools introduced below.


II. Root Tools

1. Towelroot

2. PurpleDrake Lite

Support confirmed on: G3, G3A, G3cat6, Gflex, Gpro2, Gx2, LTE3(20f), Vu2, Vu3, Gpad7LTE

* If you’re on Optimus LTE3 or Optimus Vu2, it is required that you replace one file included in the PurpleDrake Lite before running it to get your device properly rooted. Refer to http://gomdolight.com/?page_id=1071.

3. Stump Root

Support confirmed on: G3, G3A, G3cat6, Gflex, Gpro2, Vu3, Gpad7LTE

4. One Click Root (not recommended, please use this as a last resort when everything else has failed)


II. Custom Recovery Tools

1. LG G3: LG-F400S, LG-F400K, LG-F400L

2. LG G3A: LG-F410S

3. LG G3 Cat.6: LG-F460S, LG-F460K, LG-F460L

4. LG G Flex: LG-F340S, LG-F340K, LG-F340L

5. LG G Pro 2: LG-F350S, LG-F350K, LG-F350L

6. LG Gx2: LG-F430L

7. LG Optimus LTE3: LG-F260S

8. LG Optimus Vu2: LG-F200S, LG-F200K, LG-F200L

9. LG Vu 3: LG-F300S, LG-F300K, LG-F300L

10. LG G Pad 7.0 LTE: LG-V410

11. Misc

* Graphic Glitches

Some custom recoveries may display texts and images incorrectly while installing GomdoLight. You may find it harder to installing GomdoLight on such custom recoveries primarily due to unnecessary texts overlaid on the GomdoLight Installer UI. However this does not make installation impossible, and has no effects on your device once the installation is complete.

** Freedom Flex

This app requires an internet connection.

*** RAW Image



IV. To Unroot Later


Use the ‘disable.root‘ Flag after installing GomdoLight if you do not want root.

Advanced System Enhancement Pack