+Supplementary Document for Additional List of Flags (LGE)

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These Flags are not very frequently used, but can be useful in some situations.

Flags marked with red * sign will not be deleted automatically when used, but will remain effective only as long as they are placed in /sdcard/GomdoLight.

  • disable.google.playservices.update *
    When an updated version of Google Play Services app causes battery drain and there is no known fix, you can uninstall the troubled update and use this Flag to prevent it from being updated.
  • clear.bluetooth.config
    Deletes the internal Bluetooth cache/config file to let the system recreate it. This may solve Bluetooth force close issues especially with apps using BTLE technology installed.
  • lock.bluetooth.config *
    Creates a snapshot of current Bluetooth cache/config, and restores from the snapshot every time the device starts. This will practically nullify any changes made to Bluetooth cache/config file, thus preventing the aforementioned Bluetooth force close issue.
  • enable.skt.smartpush.app *
    Enables SKT’s SmartPush app for better compatibility with certain apps. However this can cause battery drain sometimes.
  • clear.lge.mlt.data *
    Clears all system log database created by LGE MLT (LGE’s system log for customer service) app
  • disable.lge.mlt.app
    Completely disables LGE MLT app to improve performance.
  • enable.lge.mlt.app
    Restores LGE MLT app if disabled by the ‘disable.lge.mlt.app’ Flag.
  • allow.install.apps.unknownsources *
    GomdoLight blocks installation of apps from unknown sources every time your device starts. This Flag will let you circumvent this behavior. However, since installing untrusted apps are very dangerous, it is generally not recommended to use this Flag.
  • suppress.toast.messages *
    Suppresses the toast messages displayed by GomdoLight when system starts up. However, some important messages will still be displayed.
  • show.all.toast.messages *
    Shows additional toast messages about the background progress of GomdoLight Engine when system starts up.
  • save.system.logs *
    Saves logcat and dmesg to /sdcard/GomdoLight in realtime. Might be useful for troubleshooting, e.g. random reboots, but severely drains battery. (For developers ONLY)
  • gomdolight.permanent.lock
    Disables all GomdoLight features that allow modifications to the system partition (EasyMod and enable.root Flag) until you initialize GomdoLight configurations from the GomdoLight Installer. It is generally not recommended to use this Flag.

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