GomdoLight EasyMod Template (English)

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I. GomdoLight EasyMod Template Overview


GomdoLight has a special mechanism that allows modification of the system partition even if the device is not rooted. This is called EasyMod, and you can use this to install various 3rd party mods to your phone very easily.


This template file is used to create an EasyMod package. EasyMod files are very easy to make, and do not require any coding skills. Just put files in this template file, and copy it to your phone. When you extract the files to /sdcard and reboot the device, voila! All files will be instlled to the system partition.



II. How to Use this Template File

1. Creating an EasyMod Package (Editing Template)


(1) First download the template file from the link below. You are advised to do this on your PC.

(2) Open the template file you just downloaded with your favorite archiver, such as BandiZip, 7-Zip, or WinRAR. You will find a folder named ‘GomdoLightEasyModPackage.

(3) There should be many subfolders in the GomdoLightEasyModPackage folder. Put your files to these subfolders accordingly. I recommend NOT to extract all the files, and just work with the archive file.

Folders are:

 01system_apps System application APKs
 02system_privileged_apps Privileged system application APKs
 03libraries Library files (shared objects)
 04framework Framework APKs/JARs
 05fonts Fonts (TTF format)
 06animations_boot-shutdown Boot/shutdown animation files
 07-1sound_ringtones Ringtones
 07-2sound_notifications Notification sounds
 07-3sound_alarms Alarm sounds

* You can also place a shell script file ‘easymod_extra.sh’ in the GomdoLightEasyModPackage folder, for advanced postprocessing. This script is optional, and will be executed automatically at the end of EasyMod installation.

2. Installing an EasyMod Package


(1) When finished, copy this ZIP file to /sdcard or some other safe location. GomdoLight does not recognize the EasyMod file in this state.

(2) Unpack (extract) all files to /sdcard. In other words, place the GomdoLightEasyModPackage folder in /sdcard.

(3) Restart your device. It will prepare the EasyMod package for installation, and notify you when it is ready.

(4) Reboot once more, and the EasyMod package should be installed. (Your device will automatically reboot several times)



III. Installing Fonts on SEC Devices


To install 3rd-party fonts via EasyMod on a SEC device, you should place an extra XML data file alongside with the TTF files. For more information refer to the document linked below.

Supplementary XML to Install 3rd-party Fonts via EasyMod on SEC Devices



IV. Download


GomdoLight EasyMod Template can be downloaded from the link below:


CAUTION: EasyMod files cannot be flashed via recovery.



V. Support


Support is done in the forums. DO NOT USE PM TO ASK QUESTIONS. Use the board so that others can participate in the support process, and the solution to your problem is made available to the public.

* 3rd party mods are NOT part of GomdoLight. The developer of GomdoLight may REFUSE to provide support if you have 3rd party mods installed.

* Some 3rd party mods can disable certain features of GomdoLight.



VI. Copyright


Font files are software programs protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. EasyMod feature is designed to enable users to use lawfully obtained font files within legal boundaries, not to violate other people’s rights.

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